You invade my fantasy world

Holding my hands;

Tickling my mound

A stir of laughter deep within

A pinch in my heart I feel

As you mouth a word to me

I’m trapped!

Am I just another prey worth capturing?

Can I trust you with my heart?

And hope you fix its already broken pieces?

A second ago, I didn’t want to let go of you

But now, I am scared of letting you in too deep

For the fear of being left in the cold someday

I’m trapped!

I have waited eternity

To hear you spit out;

The words I have longed to hear

But just when you do,

My mind enters a war zone

Waging war against how I feel about us

I’m trapped!

The war turns tough

My dreams rough

As the wall captures my emotion

I can’t help what I feel

And I fear we can’t make a deal

But do…

Hold my hand yet again!

Till we defy the odds and enjoy each other’s embrace,

Never leave me alone; rather have us trapped in our love!

WRITER: Ivy Agbozo

IMAGE: Google

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