THE GH Social Divide

Is there a social divide among people in Ghana? Do you feel you belong to a certain class and therefore cannot be seen among other social circles? Well we believe there’s a divide among the élite, middle class, lower class, returnees vs. locals, expats vs. repats. It makes you wonder how and when it all started. What will make one person feel they are better than another? And what will make another person feel they are inferior? Is it because of the way one looks, dresses, or speaks? Is it because of the amount of money one has? Does the people we associate ourselves with influence us? What exactly is it because your guess is as good as ours. When you find the answer(s) please do let us know.

rich+poorHere at threesixtyGh we pride ourselves in being down for the underdogs, the people fighting the good fight for the sake of our beloved country, and so we constantly associate with a certain group. We call this group the change-makers, the doers, the movers and shakers. However, we are like chameleons, we can blend in wherever we find ourselves. I guess you can add us to your GH social divide list. This is not a conscious act on our part it’s just our nature to care and we do.

Recently, we’ve attended a few events hosted specifically for the “elite” (we won’t dare share the names of the events *sideeye*) and honestly we felt a bit out-of-place because it was not our usual social circle. Sure in their own ways they are making a positive difference, however we couldn’t help but wonder how they would have reacted had an “average” person walked in and made themself comfortable at the high table. Oh Chalé! We also couldn’t help but wonder if everyone in the room actually belonged there or was putting up a great front (*sideeye* yet again). I guess it’s all about what makes you feel like somebody. Hopefully, no one feels the need to keep up appearances.

business-pros-bridgeWe find the divide pointless considering we all live in a third world country and need to help each other. It’s kind of like how we feel when we see someone driving the newest Range Rover or Mercedes-Benz on a dirt road. There’s something that’s unsettling about that image. So how can we all get along and help each other for the sake of a better Ghana and for the sake of one day becoming a first world nation?.

We will just leave it right here…. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Author: Akosua Akyere, threesixtyGh writer



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