The Danger of Shortcuts

“Driver, stop the car!” she ordered. “You”, pointing to the passenger at the other end of the seat, “Step out of the car”. The look on the guy’s face was priceless as he was wondering what wrong he had done.

We were four in the cab and there had been an odd smell in the car throughout our journey. I was soon to alight, however, so I wasn’t going to comment about it. Unbeknown to us, there was a police woman on board who was fortunately or unfortunately was not in uniform. Having reached her destination, she pointed at one passenger to step out of the car with her. I was curious as to what was happening because the young man being asked to step out of the car had a confused look.

After the two stepped out, the driver as if reading my thoughts, started telling us what was amiss. According to the driver, the guy who was asked to step out with the woman was carrying “weed” in his bag, the smell of which had alerted the police woman, hence the arrest. That explained the odd smell in the car.

As I tried a quick flashback to recall the young man’s actions throughout our journey, I remembered noticing that his eyes were really red. While in the car, he was singing something so off tune as compared to what was being played on the radio in the car. That made me realise the guy was high on something. The car sped away and I couldn’t help but ask myself why on earth that should happen. Why would a young man decide to endanger his life by carrying “weed” on him? Inasmuch as it pays off financially, I hear, is it worth the risk of a life? I doubt it.

What on earth could have made this guy muster the courage to carry weed around? Could it be that he was having a really tough period in life? Well, one may never know. But then again, come what may, is carrying of weed around for quick money the best you could ever settle for? Again, I doubt not.

Often than not, people resort to different things to make ends meet. When I say different things, it ranges from everything and anything one could ever think of. Selling all kinds of things which mean encountering different levels of risk don’t go unnoticed.

Life has it that some are born into wealthy families whereas others need to struggle and struggle through life. There are also some who exploit others to keep on accumulating wealth at the expense of others. 

When things take a different turn, some people reluctantly take on high-risk opportunities in order to keep their head above water. Amidst these, there is the tendency of trading in illegal drugs like Indian hemp, cocaine, caffeine or even tobacco. All these are not to be traded but due to some difficulties in life, some people would prefer a short cut to wealth and hence trade in them.

Research has shown that these drugs, when taken into the human body, tend to be harmful. They are so bad that they can send you to a mental institution when you become addicted to them. Some even destroy some cells in your body. Then when you think you’ve done enough harm to yourself and wish to stop, it is usually very difficult to refrain from it and this could result in one being locked away somewhere for rehabilitation.

Inasmuch as times have proven hard and you need to strike the metal harder than usual to make ends meet, drugs are definitely not something one should resort to. As the famous saying goes, you only live once so make it count. Lauren Oliver once said, “Maybe you can afford to wait, maybe for you, there’s tomorrow. Maybe for you, there’s one thousand tomorrows or even three thousand, maybe ten thousand. So much time you can bathe in it, roll around it, let it slide like coins through your fingers. So much time you can waste it. But some of us, there’s only today and the truth is, you never really know”. Stay safe and make sure to make all the right choices and I’m certain you won’t regret it.


WRITER: Millicent Fornyikpor

IMAGE: Google

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