Steps to Improve Human Relationships

“No human can ever live as an island, there definitely will be a time where you will need to speak to someone”.

These were words that kept running through my mind as I walked out of a leadership seminar some time ago. Then I thought, what happens to introverts, the people who are very reserved or love to be by themselves?  Are they plagued by an inferiority complex?

As humans, we are responsible for our every action and even inaction, whether as individuals or as part of an organization. No matter what we do, we usually have to work with different people, usually to achieve a common goal. That’s to say we are to communicate, brainstorm, or criticize in order to attain a particular objective. Basically, we have to interact with other people.

Interactions are all about the kinds of relationships that exist between people to allow them to work together and achieve a common goal. There are however different forms of interactions. There exist healthy and unhealthy interactions. Sometimes people act in such a way that you get confused as to their true intentions but in order to get rid of this confusion, there are ways one can enhance good relationships with others.

Open Communication

More often than not, we come into contact with different people who all have very different attitudes. Some people, for the fear of others taking advantage of their niceness, tend to always keep a straight face or act cold towards others. Open communication is however needed so as to avail yourself so that people can approach you when the need arises.

Good Listening

It is actually advisable to talk less and listen more. If you are to be in charge of a group, it isn’t advisable to impose your orders or your needs on the group. Inasmuch as you are the boss and want to see things done, maybe, the decision you might want to take won’t be good for the group. So you need to have room enough for suggestions then you can sort out what is channelled in. Then, together you can make good decisions.

Tolerance and Respect

As said early on, humans vary when it comes to attitude but in order to ensure a healthy interaction, there must be tolerance and respect. If someone offends you, there are nice ways to go about letting them know they have offended you. Everyone has a rainy day but how we handle it can go a long way to affect our interactions with others.

Getting personal with people

Getting personal with people is yet another way to enhance healthy interactions. Getting personal in this sense does not mean to get too intimate with each other. There should be free will or oneness. People happen to be in situations where, for a long time, they barely speak any words to each other let alone get together for a good time or to know how they are faring. Work to be done does not always mean that one should have a stern look or always be in a business mood. Studies in psychology have shown that being strict or stern creates intimidation and work cannot go on smoothly. There is the need to lighten the mood once in a while and shake off some stress so people can feel at ease to do what is expected of them.

Should one find oneself in any organization, it might be that you won’t be there forever. Even if things happen to be bad, speak no evil of it because you never know when things will change. Inasmuch as it might be “bad”, work out what you have to do, carve a niche for yourself then if any opportunity comes up to better yourself, move ahead with it. It is far better than always speaking evil and be discovered and sacked! That will be too much of an embarrassment for you. Everywhere one finds oneself will at a later time be a reference point come sometime. Egos are boosted or deflated based on how we interact with others. Everybody loves attention hence interaction with people will definitely go a long way to affect you.

Someone might ask, so what is the way forward then? Well, we all have got roles to play and amidst it all, we should try to be conscious about working in teams, try getting to know each other better, hang out with others, celebrate people openly but rebuke in private and then be free or open but mindful of boundaries.

Every human being has a personal dignity and it has to be taken seriously. You don’t have to compromise that in order to curry a favour but then also you need to know just how to interact with people so you get things done at the right time and the right place. Just as a local adage puts it, ” Famine does not warrant you eating just anything or everything”.

WRITER: Millicent Fornyikpor

IMAGE: Google

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