Reflections on the Year So Far

The New Year came along with a new path to follow,

Another journey full of adventures was upon us.

January embedded in us the Spirit of Patience,

We should never be in a rush to fulfill our heart desires,

January advised to always look upon the Lord, He will guide us on the path to Success.

Mrs. February showered us with Love for 28 days,

Teaching us to Love our neighbors as ourselves,

And left us with a note, “We should be Citizens, not Spectators,”

Since then, we have been working hard together to make our nation great again

Our History Teacher, March taught us to appreciate our roots and acknowledge where we came from,

We were taken through history lessons as our Motherland celebrated 60 years of Independence.

We gain experience from the past, but cannot re-live it. These experiences gained will remain with us as we enter into the future full of opportunities.

Evergreen April shed some light on us on kindness. We should give when we can, and offer a helping hand to our friends or strangers who may be in need at a point in time.

We remember Auntie May for her “Grey Power.”

We should endure in spite of any circumstances we face in life. We should strive for the best.

This has kept us on our path to greatness.

The Mother of Revolution, June, told us, “Awake from your slumber and fight against corruption, bad governance, and indiscipline.”

We have been trying our best, to be good citizens, who frown upon the evil face of Corruption.

Keep our communities clean. Observe Traffic regulations. Pay our taxes regularly.

Little drops of water make the Mighty Ocean.

We were halfway through our Journey when we arrived at Mr. July’s hometown.

He admonished us to Hold on to our Values,

And to never forget what our parents taught us at home.

If we follow the training we had at home,

We will become responsible Fathers and Mothers to our children

August left us a book, which renewed our optimism on our path to success. We should never give up.  If we couldn’t achieve some targets we set for ourselves earlier in the year, we shouldn’t lose hope now. This is the time to get the unfinished business done. Better times are ahead.  Grandma August left us a note during her last days. “Always remember to reach out to your goal in life.” Obstacles will come our way in life, that will derail us on our path to greater things. But during the strives of life, Never Give Up!!!

WRITER: Kwesi Otoo

IMAGE: Google

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