Reasons why Fridays Mean So Much To University Students

We’ve all experienced that feeling of just wanting the week to finally be over so we can have our weekend, but the feeling is that times a hundred when you’re in college. Beginning the school week is a drag, especially when you know you have so many things to do. Homework, practice, essays, labs, class, tests, working, and the serious sleep deprivation that make up college has every college student appreciating Fridays more than they ever thought possible. From meeting deadlines to midterms, the week drags on but then we get a glimmer of hope once Thursday finally rolls around because we know that Friday is just a mere 24 hours away.

Here are  awesome reasons Fridays mean so much to college students:

You don’t have to be in class for at least another 48 hours 

It means you can sleep in tomorrow morning

Those of you who are extremely lucky don’t have any Friday classes

Movie marathons!

You finally have a night off from studying

Most of your university memories are made on Fridays


It’s time to be human again

The truth is, Fridays will FOREVER be the most loved day of the week whether you be student or worker. Friday just does that magic trick and puts everything right!!!!!

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