I had hoped for a sunny day. I had made plans you see, for two long weeks as a matter of fact. I had made sure everything was going to be perfect for this eventful day… everything but the mocking weather. Standing by my window, I was hit with the brusque reality that all my plans may be washed away by the imminent rain. The thought that all my hard work was going to be crowned with nothingness, ushered in a rush of emotions—anger… frustration… despair and most importantly disappointment. In that disturbed moment, a rude unsympathetic wind forced its way in and slapped hard at my grimaced face. I slammed the window.

Overhead, the quick monstrous clouds gathered in darkness and below them, the violent shrieking wind was throwing a tantrum. Then raindrops started diving down from above, hitting and splashing on everything that they could. My window wasn’t spared. I watched as the water trickled down the glass like swift, long, thin worms. The cold had sneaked into my room and was calling out to me from my bed, but I was too upset to heed it. So I continued to watch the despicable rain that had decided to mess up my day. It was getting fiercer, and every now and then the angry clouds would spew a blinding lightning, whose thunder would make my room shudder. The rain was coming in torrents and from its look, it wasn’t going to stop soon. My day was wasted! But suddenly, to my surprise, after a quick while, it just retreated. It was so abrupt; as though the heavens had unexpectedly run out of water. It was at this moment that the curious incident happened. Truthfully, it bewitched me as I watched, for it was more than beautiful. It started in the eye of the storm, around which the clouds had gathered deeply. The sun had broken its way through on the other side and its rays were smearing the skies. The luminescence flew through the water vapour and the recalcitrant water drops that still hang in the air, leaving behind it a trail of visual wonder—the curious phenomenon. It was a stream of bright colours punctuated with gold, and my amazement grew as I watched it race across the sky.

Wow! A rainbow!

Yes! The rainbow was a marvellous spectacle with a beauty that was ethereal. The only thing that amazed me more at that instant was that something as divine as the rainbow was only because of an obnoxious storm. That got me thinking. Perhaps most of the storms in our lives are only there to usher in a rainbow. Much more like how the potter works his clay, he starts with a mass of sticky mud. Then with time, after he has placed each little piece of the muddy clay upon the other as they should be, he ends up with a handsome creation. So does that Master Potter, who works not on clay but on our very lives. He moulds and shapes our lives; putting one thing on top of the other, taking one thing out and bringing in another, taking out some people and bringing in some more. In the beginning, it may all seem like a huge mess but if we would give Him time, we would see that He would make something wonderful out of us. We all want rainbows in our lives but there can be no rainbow without a storm or at least a little rain. Often this truth may make sadden us, but the other truth is that just as rainbows have storms and roses have thorns, storms have rainbows and thorns have roses. And that is something to be glad about because we know then that the storms and thorns that come our way only ascertain the beauty ahead. So maybe, it is high time we embraced those storms in our lives; gave second chances to the challenging situations and to the difficult people. And soon after giving them some hopeful time, we would see rainbows spring out of them all.

I still stood by my window, with my frown turned upside down. My eyes were so excited I couldn’t leave. The rain had cleared away the dust that had been floating in the air for the past weeks. The water had dyed the trees and everything else to a deeper hue and the skies were radiant. What a vivid, fantastic scenery it was! And with it came along with a delicious breeze that caressed my face. So it seemed the rain hadn’t come to mock my efforts after all but to add to it something all my hard work could not—a rainbow!


WRITER – Samuel Owusu Achiaw – threesixtyGh writer/contributor/artist

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