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The fear of people being poor or the mere fact of not getting one’s basic needs is what keeps most people up and doing about getting a job.
Yes, it is very true that somewhere in the Bible, there is a quote which paraphrased says “lazy hands are not to eat”.

Lazy hands are not to eat but then again, do people a just purpose in their hearts and minds to be lazy?

Answers might vary from everyone’s perspective.
When one is born, parents try as much as they can to get their children to learn some form of education, be it in classrooms or homes. Then again, are these full of theories or they are practical one way or the other?
Meet a kid and ask him or her, dear, what do you wish to be in future, then you would hear professions you may not have ever thought of. Take it upon yourself to observe this kid for a while and you’d realize that someway somehow, their thoughts about their future is altered in a way.
It could be financial issues or some mishap you can’t even fathom.
Walk through any institution of work and you’d realize there are different characters employees portray. There are people I’d hardly say are there because they love what they do, another because a favor chanced them and some because they need to do something in order to keep moving in life.
If you’ve got a passion for what you do, kudos but should you be at a workplace with a grumpy attitude, what prevents you from quitting and get what you’d love to do? Is it the fear of starting all over or you just can’t stand the pressure you might be given? Of what benefit will liabilities be to you when you’ve got to be gathering assets?
For one to be great, it does not come as an enchantment, a wish or something placed on a silver platter to be taken. It takes a gradual process. Someone might say should there be a quick way to get successful, why go through another full of excruciating pain? Least you’ve not realized, should pain be taken and endured to reach a level, it is valued more than one that just comes out of luck or favour.
A tutor once said to me, things given for free are hardly valued but pay a painful price for it and you’d know just how to go about your things. This transferred to our various workplaces is very similar. You chance upon someone in customer service for a firm and the person is just spitting not so soothing words at you knowing that your temper at the time is way above its highest. You interact with someone who claims to be a trained teacher or nurse and there is hardly anything like patience seen. Then again, you chance on people who are to just do what is expected of them as their job demands but they’d rather use crooked and dubious means to make more money.
What most people refuse to accept is that irrespective of how you go about your work, there is surely a day for accountability and if you are found wanting, you’d better pack silently than receive a massive embarrassment.
It is not about how quick you want to make it in life but what needs to be done and done appropriately.
WRITER-Millicent Fornyikpor

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