As we celebrate independence, I can’t help but wonder what Nkrumah would think of his dear country.

As a student, I can’t help but have this sense of nostalgia and mixed signals when words such as a tyrant, dictator, murderer, African show boy, black Messiah, Osagyefo and numerous other accolades are used to describe Nkrumah in different literature. But the fact still remains; remove Nkrumah from the equation and Ghana’s independence would have taken longer. I may be young or even naïve but as we celebrate  6th March and 60 years of independence, I can’t help but feel that we’ve betrayed Nkrumah, believe me, I’m not talking about the 1966  coup but each forgone opportunity to build our country is a betrayal to our founding fathers who gave their all to fight for the freedom you and I enjoy today. For once let’s not put the blame on the government, the people make the government so as an individual what are you doing to make Ghana better? Are you contributing your quota to help build our nation?

We are celebrating  60 years of independence and I keep asking myself ‘who is a Ghanaian?’ Is it someone who is laid back and lacks the emotional tenacity to help his fellow countryman who is wallowing in poverty or is it the hypocrite who kowtows to trends and forgoes his culture in order to gain acceptance among his own people, or is a Ghanaian the person who goes to church every Sunday and claims that ‘Cleanliness is close to Godliness’ but still can’t keep his country clean?  Or perhaps a Ghanaian is the man who defends his brother knowing very well that he is guilty but because of a common ethnic or political root turns a blind eye to the truth?

Why can’t we be each other’s keeper, why can’t we let go of our individual need to be better than our neighbor, so instead of helping them succeed, we would rather see them fail than let them be better than us. We are easily deceived, we forget way too easily instead of holding our ourselves accountable, we use the same excuse over and over again, it has become our national mantra; “it’s nothing” we keep saying to all those avoidable mistakes we keep making that could have led to a beautiful success story.

A majority will agree that today’s youth can’t be compared to yesteryears’ who marched for ‘Self-Governance Now’ and I’m not asking for senseless demonstrations but the demonstration of a sense of purpose and patriotism among the youth. I can’t pretend to be all-knowing but a majority of the youth; the future leaders want greener pastures when we’ve not lifted a finger to plant, we exhibit this attitude of entitlement to all the good things in the world when in fact we invest our time and energy on the mundane and are oblivious to what truly matters.

On February 27, I came across the image below on facebook and it gave me hope.

 Apparently, it is an anthology compiled with the help of the well-known author Gamel Sankarl.  Now, I saw a few faces whom I am familiar with their selfless works to making Ghana a better place at their own expense. The reason why I am emphasizing on this is because these people see society differently & they take the initiative to help build our nation without necessarily waiting for the government to do it all. Some of the familiar faces that popped out of the picture are Ato Ulzen-Appiah(Ghana Think Foundation), Gamel Sankarl(Gamelian Books), Thomas Tagoe(GhScientific), Jorge Appiah (Kumasi Hive), Elizabeth Patterson (GEIG-US Inc), Eric Vondee (My Home Teacher), Paul Coffie Bebobru Jnr (Taohouse), Afi Antonio (SolarPeople, Solar4Girls), Kobina Ansah (Scribe Communications) ,  Kofi Yeboah(BarCamp Ghana) and the list goes on & on. One thing is for sure, the GhanaIn60 Plus book is what Ghana needs right now; to be exposed to and inspired by the young visionaries who are making change & yet are not well known.

These 60 Inspirational stories & 60 Aspirational Strategies is like a reminder of what we are capable of doing & contributing individually to Ghana’s development.

These visionaries contributors are a testament of how rich this book will be & I can’t wait to get my own copy!

Am not sure if we’ve realized it yet but I earnestly hope that whoever gets the opportunity to read this will be reminded that Ghana’s destiny is in our hands, yes nobody else’s! It’s time to wake up, we are too old to be sleeping at the age of 60, when others are working to make their country great. We all play a role in making Ghana a better place for the next generation, without our effort Ghana will never reach its potential. And it doesn’t matter how big or small your contribution is but whatever it is, don’t give up, forge ahead in your service to yourself and nation. Let us prove to the world that our independence was not in vain, the lives of those who fought for our freedom were not in vain and that Africa is indeed capable of handling its own affairs. Let’s avoid the sideshows and crippling nuances from the east and west but rather let’s focus on moving forward. Just as Nkrumah said during our independence; ‘Forward ever, backwards never”. It’s about time we worked for our nation & not the other way round!

 WRITER- Mina Nana Yaa- threesixtyGh writer/contributor.

Image source  Google

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