Motivation is essential

Life is a word most people have ascribed several thoughts. Some say it is a journey, some say it is not fair. To others, God is the overall provider and so much more. But some also, as popular as it may be, say “Life is how you make it”. A question quickly comes to mind. If factors around do not permit one to be as he or she envisions, how can one make it? There are countless times people say “Create an opportunity out of whatever mess you find yourself”. But how might one do that?? This makes me think of the word, “Motivation”.

This word is not strange, I believe. Motivation according to the English dictionary means an incentive or reason to do something. What I get from this is that inasmuch as one might be willing to do something, there may come a time when one needs an incentive to inspire you to go the extra mile. Now someone may ask, what is the need for that since you are already being given a quota in exchange for a service you are rendering? I wonder if I can answer it all right but per a conversation that ensued between myself and someone I chanced upon, he highlighted some things.

The motivation of an employee includes the things done to make a worker feel at ease in order to give more of him or herself to the well-being of the institution.  There exist two forms of motivation. It could be in an intrinsic form or extrinsic form.

Intrinsic motivation is a behaviour or motivation that is driven by internal factors. This is to say, the individual as an employee motivates him or herself internally due to reasons of exploring or gaining some form of experience.

Extrinsic motivation is motivation that is gained externally. It is when one is motivated to perform a task or an activity in order to gain a reward or avoid punishment. This form of motivation occurs in forms like money, praise, fame, just to mention a few.

When a keen look is taken at both forms of motivation, one can say that every human has both. As one who is fresh from school or maybe new in an environment, it will be seen that intrinsic motivation is at its highest peak but soon after having gained some experience or getting to know how things work, one can decide to say he or she deserves much more and so extrinsic motivation comes to mind.

As to how employees can be motivated to give off their best, it comes in various forms with the temperament in mind. But even before that, one may ask, how do you motivate someone to work?

Well, different ways exist but the few that come to mind include; communication, exemplary attitude, empowerment, advancement opportunities, incentives, positivity and transparency.

To begin with is communication. Communication is a two-way thing we have come to know. It could be done intrapersonally or interpersonally. Intrapersonally deals with a conflict between one’s thoughts or feelings whereas interpersonally has to do with communication with someone. For someone to be an employer, one has a lot to do when it comes to communication. Employees or people who will come to work with you come with different mentality and attitudes and so it depends solely on you to communicate clearly and rightly to people. The way you handle issues at work is a form of motivation to people who are under you. Whether or not you carry yourself around in a good or bad way, should things need to be done, attention is drawn to how you communicate with people.

Bosses being examples and not exceptions go a long way to motivate workers. The fact that you are the overall boss in an institution does not mean you are allergic to duties that need to be performed. A task may come which might be difficult for the employees and as such, they will be going on and about as to how to sort it out. As a boss, one should not just be lazing about and be finding faults in the midst of this hurdle. You should get involved and if you happen to know your way around things, help them figure it out. Being a boss means you serve as a role model and as such, you need to serve as examples to your subordinates in a way of motivating them.

Offering opportunities for advancement also work to motivate people. After some time being in an institution, one may become skilled but with factors around us, there definitely needs to be an upgrade. It might be that one is capable of tasks that need to be done but at a prolonged time. It will never hurt if an employer takes it upon him or herself to help the person upgrade. After all, it will be to the benefit of the institution they find themselves in and it is also motivating them to give off their best.

Let’s get to incentives as a way of motivating people at the workplace as well. Incentives are things that are given in material form to help employees give off their best. However, due to the various temperaments available, not everyone will love that something public is done in the name of appreciation. A gentle word or a pat on the back might go a long way to help them be willing to do more so that profitability is at its peak wherever they happen to find themselves.

To crown it all are positivity and transparency. Being positive could be that you are willing to stay focused come what may and then also blend it with transparency which is also about giving vivid accounts per what is going on. All these again can be ascribed to communication which must be done clearly.

Motivation is not cut out for employees but employers as well. Whatever right that needs to be done for the productivity of a firm or an institution, motivation tends to play a huge role in it.

WRITER: Millicent Fornyikpor

IMAGE: Google

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