I have come to realize that a considerable amount of us (people) like to “always” play the victim which seems like the easiest way out or sometimes to rationalise our behaviour.

The other party is always the bad one whiles we did nothing, absolutely nothing wrong to contribute to a problem, outcome, crisis or whatever the end result may be mostly to look good and court sympathy.

This happens in all forms of relationships whether business, work environment, home/family, intimate relationships and more.

The truth is there are genuine cases where one of the parties may have been truly hurt, abused, betrayed, defrauded etc in all forms of relationships whether a parent-child relationship, friendship, business, workplace, courtship etc and that no one can deny and that is not even my main focus. These situations, however, teach, shape and guide us for the future and make us better people. Not also denying that some of these experiences may be bitter and may live a scar the rest of our lives.

There is absolutely nothing wrong if the two parties would want to talk about issues. In fact talking about it is part of the healing process/solving issues/dealing with situations that arise.

Forgiveness though not easy relieves you of the burden of bitterness/hurt and the cross of playing a victim your entire life and sets you on the path of healing/moving on.
My main focus/issue is, am always uncomfortable with one constantly and the word here is “constantly” playing the victim in absolutely every situation and acting in bad faith, ignoring their own contribution to a bad outcome.
They seem to have a problem and issues with anything and everyone on one thing they have done or haven’t done.

But are constant victim players always the perfect one whilst the other party is always the bad one? Because from experience, some people accuse/have accused others of something they themselves are guilty of. He/She broke your heart, have you never broken someone’s heart before? He/She lied, you have never lied your entire life? ermm all lie is a lie, there is no small lie and big lie.

You may not have done an exact replica of what the person may have done to you but you might have done something hurtful to probably the same person or an entirely different person. The world may have heard your story, have they heard the other party too?

You can’t blame others/constantly be a victim your entire life. Take charge of your life because, at the end of the day, you are responsible for it and learn from the experiences to be a better person after all every day is a learning process.

Be who you want others to be!


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