It was all fun and exciting till that feeling of having a short lifespan left dawned on me. The thought of not living was as scary as asking a six-year-old child to walk on the famed canopy walk of Kakum National Park. Life seemed shorter than a movie skit.

Late March, on a Friday night after work, as is usual for us, my co-workers and I took to our periodical means of having fun at our favourite joint; a bar. The attendant had never welcomed us without a grin on the face and that day was no different. We were full of joy!

As a bachelor, I never allowed the opportunity to have a romantic treat slip by. I always made good use of them.

That Friday night, the odds were not in my favour. My colleagues had me in a rush. I had forgotten to stash into my pocket, man’s life saver, a packet of condoms. I was bound to take the luxurious turn of life that night no matter how tired I was. Every Friday night came with a different lady. Some even waved at me in town and I wouldn’t have the slightest idea who they were. Out of the many, some wished we could have something that could last. To me, it was just a one-night stand.

I had my way that Friday night with one beautiful lady whose first name I undoubtedly don’t remember. That night seemed forever to me as we had fun with ourselves all over the bed; it was like the feeling of teleporting to heaven and back.

A month after, I began to have a series of different ailments one after the other, and the magic of yesterday started to resurface in my mind. “Was it about the last time, or my Friday deeds are finally catching up with me” were some of the numerous questions that came haunting me. As intellectual I was, Google was never far from my reach. I had to check for myself everything related with one having man’s deadly enemy. I was scared. I was lost in thoughts. This really felt like a scar in my life. Life was all messy! The symptoms provided by got me drained the more. I had experienced about eighty (80) percent of all the symptoms listed within that one-month period. My new favourite song became “Jesus take the wheel”. I gave up on the will to even live again.

Reading is probably still the only way to hide something from a black man. I began to read more if probably there would be something I was missing and yes, there was. See your doctor to know your HIV status, was the final writing on the end of the web page. I sighed but the fear of testing positive crawled in my head once again. What if I truly had it and everyone at the hospital was going to know it? Maybe, I thought, just sitting home and waiting for the expected or unexpected to happen was the best course of action to take.

I think an angel visited me the previous night because I found myself in the laboratory of the hospital the next morning to run the HIV test. The tension I had to go through as I patiently waited for the results was more disheartening than any other feeling I have ever had.

The results finally came in and the moment the doctor didn’t call me in his office for that psychological talk, I felt calm. I knew the end before the beginning. Smiles from nowhere had finally found its way to my face once again.

Get tested. Know your HIV status. It’s healthier that way other than to live in a dark world where you have no idea of where you belong. It saves you and helps you from giving others the infection too. Finally, never forget your life saver whenever you are to have sex. Stay safe, get protection.

WRITER: A Ghanaian Boy

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