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You could say Fufu is the “Sunday Special” for a typical “Ghanaba”, but to be honest this dish is almost a staple. This “ball of carb and soup” combo is a multipurpose meal of infinite goodness and instant fulfillment…The latter is made evident by the long periods of sleep that ensue after the last “blow” is ingested.


Fufu is the meal of choice and remedy for a host of situations and conditions namely, broken heart, hangovers, morning sickness, birthday parties, wedding receptions and even wake keepings.
Despite entire civilizations and societies being built on the goodness of Fufu, it is also the cause of countless domestic wars and sibling disputes.  During its “production” process siblings either “play dead” or excommunicate themselves for a period to avoid having to lend a hand.

World renowned physicists and social scientists have worked tirelessly to bring us an option which would minimize the effort involved and end all wars. The result is the Nobel peace prize winning “powdered fufu”. Whether or not the integrity of the classic fufu flavor or texture has been compromised is topic for another discussion.
In an effort to promote world peace, domestic stability, and end fufu war mongering, the following rules were sent from God:


1. Age is inversely proportional to your contribution to the fufu making process. ie the younger you are the greater the likelihood that you will pound the fufu, make the soup and wash the plates after. (If there are twins in the house they should flip a coin to decide)

2. Age is directly proportional to the amount of meat you are entitled to. ie the younger you are the greater your chances of being left with just wele. (If there are twins in the house, war cannot be avoided, let them duke it out).

3. Unattended fufu is not fair game. Countless lives have been lost due to this misconception. Just as you wouldn’t expect a stranger to move into your house when you travel, another individuals unattended fufu is not to be touched….unless the following conditions are prevalent:  Fufu5
-said individual has done same to you and you are simply returning the favor.
– said individual is deceased.

Fufu is a culinary masterpiece that transcends all boundaries except age(see points 1 and 2 above). For the inexperienced, soon to be fufu connoisseurs, the only advice I can give you is put the spoon down, don’t wear a white shirt, and roll you sleeves all the way back…in fact remove the shirt. Enjoy…

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Source : GhanaBa

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