Cut me loose,

captor of my thoughts.

My ears were never doors to my mind

but you,

captor of my thoughts,

you broke the spars I had  painfully broken into my ears

made them into a raft to carry your words

set them sail, floating on your timbre

and made your laughter a radar.

Pirate of my thoughts,

you have made focus a tumultuous voyage

and my train of thought is derailed because you are on board

I’d like to know where you’d get off, if you would

perhaps, then, I would let this passing storm rage on

probably enjoy it, like a stranger’s kiss

and not try to break this temporary brace on my heart.

Pirate of my attention,

if you’d take any treasure, if you’d swing out

I beg you to leave me my heart

I’ve got only one of it,

but you, a cache

in many different chests.
Sika Bosuo Mokuor

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