Be Like the Lion

The month of October for many like myself was a very tough one.

I went through a lot of problems at once but managed to put up an appearance as if nothing was happening to me. I had to make a decision to overcome such problems or let them take control of my thoughts and actions. I took a few lessons from the King of the Forest.

The Lion knows that its roar precedes it everywhere it goes, that is why it is the epitome of boldness. If you develop your reputation properly and invest time to brand yourself well, your boldness will increase as well.

Did you know a Lion can spend up to 20 hours day sleeping?

In our current situation, the temptation to work and work until one collapses from sheer exhaustion or from high blood pressure due to a lot of stress has never been greater than now. We are tempted to work as slaves, always waking up early to avoid traffic in town, always striving hard to meet targets and realize an objective. We give ourselves freely to our activities at work and to people around us, yet we fail to realize that we need time for ourselves. We need to find time off our busy schedules to let our body rest. Before December comes into our lives, let’s resolve to take a break and go relax the body and mind.

You deserve it after almost 11 months working hard. Let’s learn from the lion who knows that every day it must eat, yet still sleeps for more than half the day. The irony of work is that it never finishes, the more you do, the more you still have to do. Don’t let your job dominate your life. Find time to relax, spend time with the family and friends.

Take that bold step. Step out of your shadows. If you are not valued at where you are currently. Go to a place where your efforts are appreciated. You deserve better. Make yourself heard. Build your reputation. Face whatever life feeds you with vigour and determination. Find time to relax.

Roar like a lion.

WRITER: Kwesi Otoo

IMAGE: Google

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