Let’s take a walk, my friend

But walk ahead of me

I don’t know how to mend

your broken heart, you see

I will rather follow behind.

Your eyes are all far away

And so is your beauteous mind,

Heavily preoccupied everyday

With everything else but myself.


So walk ahead please,

It’s cold with you too near

My friend, to say the least

Once you were so dear

But I’d rather remain warm

A three step lag behind you.

When your heart broke it’s form

it froze to an icy blue

Now you’re there and I’m here.


Yes do walk ahead

It’s a little awkward side by side

Now there’s so little to be said

between you and my kneeling pride.

Every line is explosive

So I can’t hold your hand

Like crushing into a beehive.

You’ve taken a stand

I hear it in your silence.


Is it a walk if you walk ahead?

Is half a friend

better than none, like bread?

Or it’s the end

we are dancing around

Our final mutual fest

How does my last laugh sound?

Like a loser’s best?

I will cry tonight.

Author: Kwasi ’Sei, threesixtyGh Writer

Image Source: Google






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