What Keeps me Awake at Night?

As a young man currently doing his National Service, the only thought that keeps me awake deep at night is striving hard in spite of the circumstances associated with National Service, to build a good future for myself and future family.

Strangely enough, there is more that lingers on my mind late at night that keeps me wondering when it will get better. There are numerous young people out there without jobs, with some indulging in social vices to get some money to earn a living.

There are numerous young people out there without jobs, with some indulging in social vices to earn a living. There are a lot of young entrepreneurs striving to make it on their own without any support from the Government. Entrepreneurship is a key to solving the current unemployment situation in our country. However, most people in power are turning a blind eye to this solution that can open uncountable doors for young people to make a living and contribute to society.

It is unfair to have an oil producing nation in which the community that oil is being drilled doesn’t benefit from it. For example, failing to create jobs for the people in that community and forcing them to be displaced from their homes in such communities without enough compensation, is unreasonable. How long will this trend continue?

Let’s consider roads in Ghana that are constructed without drainage systems. This is a clear display of negligence for sanitation and poor planning. It saddens my heart when the annual rainfall disasters in the capital claim many lives and properties. Certainly, citizens are equally at fault for dumping refuse into gutters. But it is right, to construct good road networks with well-developed drainage systems, which are covered and allow the free flow of excess water in the events of heavy rains. This is an efficient use of the taxpayer’s money.

Back in our Universities, students are taught just to pass exams but are not encouraged to learn to equip themselves to solve the current problems facing our countries. The phenomenon in the universities is an unfathomable mystery, most especially the public universities whose environment, unfortunately, stifles creativity. Students are involved in less practical work and are hardly afforded the opportunity to apply what they learn in the lecture halls on to the field.


Why then do we study all the principles and formulas if we can’t apply them to our daily lives? As intellectuals, we should be able to relate what we learn in our lecture halls to current life situations we face in our country.

In the long run, graduates are not able to sufficiently meet the required needs of most companies which are hiring. This eventually leads to alarming rates of unemployment in our country.

It makes me sad to hear of marvelous stories of teenagers in China and America who have made breakthroughs with an invention, or have identified a need in society and have set-up an enterprise to solve it, which in the long run will become a well-established company. It makes me sad because I wonder what stops us as Ghanaians from doing the same.

This lingers on my mind every night and my second eye can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel anytime soon unless bold steps are taken. Politicians take us for granted, and I also keep wondering why Ghanaian politicians are allergic to honesty.

These politicians will sweet-talk you to get your votes during their campaigns. After elections, they seem to be more concerned about filling up their pockets and accounts with our taxes instead of actually solving our problems based on their promises. This, I tell you is a crime.


My week is filled with sleepless nights but the hope I hold on to is the belief that I can be the light that can pursue change. A time will come when I will need your support to make our country a better place. When that time comes, I hope that you will come on board. The voice of the masses will be heard and will effect change in the ten regions of this country.

All I can leave you with, for now, is that all hope is not lost. Never give up. Hold on to hope.

God bless our Motherland. God bless us all.

Author: Kwesi Otoo, threesixtyGh Writer.

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