My eyes have grown bigger! My gum is sore, and all my teeth are loose. I am itchy, everywhere. My hair is falling off too. My head is spinning—No, everything around me is. I fall to the ground and stop feeling.

I am in a different world now. It’s really nice–there’s no school. Kids can play in the rain all they want and eat too much kelewele. I am going to explore the rest of my newly discovered world but I can’t make it to the other side. It feels like someone is pulling me, even though I am running with all my might. I think I am dreaming or imagining things, and that disturbs me. What I hear next is even more disturbing, upsetting, agitating, annoying, distressing. My English teacher said it is very good to use newly learnt words because it helps you remember them, and build your vo-ca-bu-la-ry. I hear “Pepe, Pepe, wake up it’s time for school.”

You know the last word I said, eh, I hate it. I can’t say it more than once in a day because it gives me hiccups, then I will have to drink so much water and then I’ll have to pee so many times, and my teacher will say she won’t let me go out anymore because I have already gone out too many times, then I’ll beg her and cry, and then she’ll tell me to leave her class, and I will, happily too. I like it when my teacher dismisses me from class. It gives me the opportunity to explore and do what I like.

Ma I am sick, very. My eyes, my head, my teeth and gums, my legs are weak and my hair is finished. I cannot walk to school today. Even if I go, I will not be able to see and talk. “At least, you’ll be able to write and your brain works just fine. WAKE UP!!!” At the sound of my mother’s screams, every loose tooth becomes firm, every broken leg becomes intact, and the blind see. That, however, applies to only ME.

I am scared of that woman, but sometimes sleep and stupidity give me reinforcement. When that happens, she uses her reinforcement—that thing gives me pain, but I have begun to realise that I’m developing some sort of resistance to it. With that thing, she is able to beat the black out of my skin, and inject some sense into my senses.

Now, the room has become too quiet. I think she has left. She is going to bring it. I jump, I run, I prepare for school. I brush my broken teeth, comb my finished hair, and run to school with my broken legs. I can even see the sc***l with my sightless eyes. Eiii.

I have arrived at the place. The teacher says I am late, but I don’t care. She doesn’t know how to use reinforcement like my mother does. Then she says, “Take out your books, it’s time for Mental!” Now I care, I don’t like Mental and I don’t even have a book. I AM FINISHED!!!

Author: Joy Blebu, threesixtyGh Writer




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