There is always a rightful heir to the king’s throne. There are also the ones who target that spot for their own. Struggle and great effort is the path to attain power. But along with the sweat, everyone needs some support to reach the heights.

LionKing2‘The Lion King’ is an animation picture that kids enjoy. At the same time, it can be an influential movie for the youths. As a kid, we take pleasure from the different cartoons we watch. Many of these comic strips have stories that teach life lessons. For me, ‘The Lion King’ has been an inspiration from the very beginning.

1. Face the fear

LionKing6This movie has taught me to never run from our fears. It encourages us to face our fears. It may be difficult at the beginning, but the end result is always fruitful. It was hard for Simba to face his fear of returning back home. But, ultimately he got all the support from his family and friends and could fight for his right. It also teaches us not to dwell in the past.

2. Life is full of challenges

Life is not easy for anyone. The king of the jungle was devastated and had to live a life away from his home. This film also teaches us that life is full of positive and negative surprises. Who we are cannot change that.

3. The role of our elders

LionKing3Mufasa’s words guided Simba to the right path. Likewise, everything that our elders teach us has a specified importance that we realize at some point in our life. At the same time, some adults can have a bad influence on us. Like Scar, who was a nasty adult figure.

4. Power can be blinding

Scar kills his own brother in order to rule the kingdom. He was blinded by the desire of becoming the supreme; he did not care for his deeds. Power ends in the hands of one but there will be many competitors along the road. ‘Your closest person can be the greatest enemy on this ride’ is what the picture teaches us.

5. Hakunama-tata (no worries)

LionKing7This one of the best things that can be learnt from this motion picture; hakunama-tata or not to get worried in life.

The Lion King has never failed to entertain me. It has a great story line and has been able influence me anew every time I watch it.


LionKing5Source: Voices of the Youth

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