5 Consequences of not Arriving Early for a Presentation

KWAME: Nana, have you been able to reach Ewurabena? It’s thirty minutes past time for the presentation and she’s still not here.

NANA: I called her ten minutes ago and she told me she was just about to get here and when I noticed she still hadn’t got here, I called again only to find out that her phone was switched off.

KWAME: I am thinking of doing something about her attitude at work especially if we should miss this deal because of her. Anyway, I’ve got to go. Let me know when she arrives.

NANA: Alright, I will do just that.


Is this conversation familiar to you?

One thing we should all try to avoid is to arrive late at work when we have a presentation scheduled for that day especially in the case where no emergency got in our way before time. You might think that you have prepared enough and not expect to be nervous in any way during the delivery hence, not see the essence of getting to the office before the appointed time. Well, journey with me as we look at some of the pitfalls that can befall you if you arrive at a presentation late.

Poor Delivery During the Presentation

If you are lucky enough to walk into the presentation room whilst you are late to find your audience seated and waiting for you, chances are that immediately you step into the room, you would be welcomed with an unfamiliar tension from the possible hostile audience. This could paralyse you to the extent that you would end up making a mess out of yourself because your conscience keeps haunting you during the delivery of the presentation. You may also not be completely focused since you keep wondering what the audience thinks about your lateness.

Loss Of A Deal

Like Ewurabena, you may be delivering a presentation for a particular business deal your business has been looking forward to for a long time. Thus, arriving late at such a meeting would only infuriate your business partners. They may then opt for a competitor instead of you because they feel you would be unreliable. Do not be that person who causes the downright collapse of your business because of your inability to be time conscious.

Loss of Integrity

What do you think your business partners would think about you and the business you are representing? Really, before you decide to be late for that very presentation, you might want to consider the question here. Would you still maintain your integrity? And could your business suffer because of you? Every one of us wants to be appreciated for a good work done and you are not an exception so do not soil your integrity by arriving late for a presentation.

Disorganised Setting

It is necessary that you arrive 45-60 minutes earlier than the stipulated time for the presentation because you need to be sure that the room or stage is properly set up for presentation. Many times you may walk into the room to find out that things are not the way you expect them to be. Unfortunately, you cannot take care of that if you happen to be late. As a result, you are likely to hold your presentation in a disorganized setting.

Poorly Functioning Equipment

Your late arrival at the meeting means you get no opportunity to test the equipment you would be using. for example, you may need to check if your microphone is in the best shape and if the laptop you are using for the presentation can be connected to a projector in order to broadcast your presentation. What a disaster it would be if you arrived late and the microphone doesn’t work or your laptop isn’t compatible with the projector or even worse, your laptop just shuts down a few minutes into your presentation.

In as much as you may be confident in yourself and your preparedness for the presentation and may see no reason to arrive too early for the presentation, it is advisable to get to the location early in order to anticipate and solve any problems that would likely arise during the presentation. However, if you have an emergency that comes up close to the time for the presentation, kindly call the office and alert your colleagues or bosses so they get a replacement as soon as possible. It would also be advisable for businesses to have at least two people prepare for the delivery of the same presentation so they have an alternative if one person fails to make it on time.

WRITER: Ivy Agbozo

IMAGE: Google

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