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IMPACT Music Conference 2017

Accra, Ghana April 26th & 27th — Some of the leading names in the fields of music, marketing, policy and technology will meet at Alliance Francaise Accra for the 3rd Impact Music Conference. The aim of the conference is to develop a space to discuss, act, share, learn and understand that space called the Music Industry, and how to create equal opportunities for women in this sector.

The conference will run over two days with half day sessions featuring keynote talks, panel discussions and presentations by some of the most innovative and successful minds in the sector. Discussions will touch on a wide variety of topics around music including content creation online, digital art and distribution, new revenue models in music, current & future state of the music industry and the role women will play in shaping these. It will include participation from Claude Grunitzky (TrueAfrica & Trace TV co-founder) Nomndeni Mdakhi (Edits Talks / South Africa), Jepchumba (African Digital Art / Kenya), Wiyaala (Ghana), Paola Audrey (Fashizblack / Côte d’Ivoire) and much more…!

The conference is organized by the International Music Council with the support of the UNESCO Participation Programme. The hope is that the conference will provide a collaborative and proactive approach to discuss the biggest emerging markets in music and the role women should play in the music business.

Is there a gender problem in the music industry? How can it be solved? How can we attract more women to the music industry?

The event is targeted at labels, collaborators, music inventors, music supporters, entrepreneurs, influencers, music executives, songwriters, producers, bloggers, brands, marketing executives, publicists, music artists and promoters. Entrance is free!

Venue- Alliance Francaise.

Additional information available via: https://www.facebook.com/amdpmusic

Contact Information:

Charles Houdart


phone: +33 (0)6 23 38 68 95

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