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Enterprise Africa Summit

Entrepreneurship is emerging as a crucial catalyst in Africa’s development.  African entrepreneurs are evolving; driving innovation and impact, and in the process transforming communities and economies. The African narrative is gradually shifting from aid-led solutions to enterprise-led solutions to developmental problems. Entrepreneurs create innovative enterprises which creates jobs, protect the environment, improve conditions of living and governance, thereby building resilient local economies.

But the African enterprise landscape is tough, as the World Bank’s Doing Business Index has consistently shown. For enterprises to thrive, and interventions to be effective, they ought to be resilient.

Can enterprise be an engine of resilience in Africa? How can Africa’s enterprises develop resilient solutions to Africa’s problems? The British Council will use its extensive network to convene a regional summit in March 2017 to dialogue on ‘next generation innovations’ and celebrate efforts in entrepreneurship and resilient development. 

‘More than a conference: deep on knowledge rich-in-practice’, drawing on international as well as regional players, the three-day event will bring together thought leaders, policy-makers and entrepreneurs to discuss ‘next generation resilience-focused enterprise models’ and share best practices in connecting enterprise to resilient development. The conference will focus on:

• Thought leadership: it will assemble thought leaders and practitioners in industry, policy, academia, development and social enterprise research and governance to explore best business practices and policy options in entrepreneurship and resilience in Africa

• Practical benefits: entrepreneurs will benefit from a rich environment of learning, investor-financier networks, and B2B networking platforms to develop partnerships, build capacity and effectively position for growth

• Africa focused: A summit by Africa for African entrepreneurs. Events, panellists, participants and outcomes will reflect and meet the needs of African entrepreneurs and policy makers.

The summit presents an exciting cocktail of events and sessions deep in knowledge and rich in practice. The activities will include:

• Policy Forum: It will assemble high level policy makers in the enterprise / private sector across Africa and the UK, to explore policy innovations in promoting entrepreneurship including social entrepreneurship in Africa. This will include financing, regulatory and business development options

• Education forum: Facilitated by the Coventry University – UK, this forum targets policy makers and leaders in the educational sector to explore best practices in positioning educational institutions as enablers in transformational entrepreneurship in Africa

• The creative enterprise forum: A concurrent dialogue platform on the potential of fashion/ apparel and music enterprise in Africa. It will highlight best practices in maximizing the potential of the industry in Africa

• Investor market place:  The conference will host four investor market place sessions with “ready to invest” investors targeting the agriculture, social enterprise, fashion and general entrepreneurship sector. Entrepreneurs will pitch for equity, grants and incubation packages. Interested participants will have to apply ahead of attending the conference to benefit from this pitch opportunity   .

• Enterprise Clinics workshops: A set of fast-track enterprise clinics, coaching, skill development and networking sessions

• Networking events: Exciting informal engagements to savour the African experience whiles building great business networks and learning new ideas

• Ecosystem visits: Get a first-hand experience of how some entrepreneurs are leading resilient development by spending time with their teams

• Exhibition: A platform to share with the African ecosystem your products and services as well as experience the growing number of innovations in the African market.

read moe about the summit and register for it by following the link below

SOURCE  – www.britishcouncil.org.gh

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