ADOWA- Oral Literature in Dance and Preserving the Culture of the Ashanti People


Ghanaian-American filmmaker Rebekah A. Frimpong has teamed up with acclaimed actress/producer Ama K. Abebrese and Mawuko Kuadzi of MK Casting in Ghana to create her new documentary feature length film: ADOWA-Oral Literature in Dance and Preserving the Culture of the Ashanti People. The documentary film is written by Frimpong, and is about the oral literature in the Adowa dance, cultural preservation, and the traditions of Ghana. ADOWA will be shot on location in Ghana this summer and in the US. With appearances from known Ghanaian historians, Adowa dance troupes, professional Adowa dancers, and interviews with Ghanaians who have unique stories to share about the dance. ADOWA is set to show this traditional dance in a new light. The film is set to be released later this year and is fiscally sponsored by Dance Films Association in New York.

ADOWA- Documentary Film Written and Directed by Rebekah A. Frimpong
Produced By Ama K. Abebrese, Mawuko Kuadzi , and Rebekah Frimpong
Cinematography by Stephen Miles and Rebekah Frimpong
Fiscally Sponsored By Dance Films Association


ADOWA is a documentary film written by Rebekah A. Frimpong, and is about oral literature in dance and preserving the culture of the Ashanti people of Ghana. ADOWA the documentary film will capture the beauty of the traditional dance. The film will explore how the Adowa dance came to be and the traditions and history behind this dance using language, music, and the movements of the Adowa dance to reveal the story.

More on ADOWA Documentary Film visit the film blog.

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New Teaser for ADOWA the Documentary Film

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